Sri Ayyappan Viswa Sevaa

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'Sastha' is depicted here as a child. The rivers in front of the temple are inhabited by  various varieties of fish. The most important vazhipadu in this temple is to provide food for the fish in these rivers. The 'Matsya' kanyakas saw 'Bala Sastha' undergoing penance at this location.  Due to their intense devotion, 'Sastha' decided to adopt the life style of these 'Matsya' kayakas. It is due to this fact that offering feed to the fishes is an important part of the ritual of this temple.


In this temple, Sastha is depicted in his youthful image, as a young man, sitting  with his leg leg folded and right extended,  on an elephant. Within the four walls of the temple, rituals are conducted in accordance with Malayali traditions.  During the 'Ultsavam' days Tamil traditions are followed.  On the eight day of the festival was the proposed 'thalikettu' ceremony and it was that time  that it was learnt that the bride had become a 'Rithumathi ' (gets her 'Periods') . Therefore  'Thalikettu' is not performed here.

It is believed that that the Devi, sitting on the 'mambazha thara' was brought by Saurashtriyans for the marriage. Sadya is offered. On 9th Dhanu, 'Pandyan Mudippu' and on 10th Dhanu, 'Thrikalyanam' is performed here. 'Kumbhabhishkeham' is performed on the 11th of Dhanu.


In this temple, Sastha is depicted  'gruhasthashrami' or a family man. Sitting in with his hand extended in 'Chinmudra' posture, in his palm he has sandalwood and holy water. These are used as antidotal divine medicine to cure snake bites.  In this region, any one who gets bitten by snakes is taken to the temple and not to a hospital. Even at midnight, if a snake bite victim is brought to thee temple, and the temple bells are rung, the 'nada' is immediately opened to attend to the victim.

The construction of this temple was completed iIn Malayalam year of 1106, Makaram 12th. Pratishta dinam Ulsavam is on Makaram (Revathi nakshatram) of every year. The temple festival is held from Dhanu 1st to 10th every year. The temple is located in the midst of a forest. The approach to this temple is through Shenkotta (Tamilnadu) or via Pathanapuram (Alimukku)